Ubac, Raoul

Raoul Ubac was a painter, sculptor, photographer and engraver. He was born in 1910 in Belgium but later moved to Paris in 1930. Ubac was active in the Surrealist movement during the late 1930s and often participated in the exhibitions of this group between 1934 and 1940 with his photographic 'solarisations'. 

His photographs also appeared frequently in the Surrealist publication "Minotaure." 

He became interested in engraving and leant how to produce lithographs and engravings which were subsequently exhibited in various exhibitions including an increasing number of shows at Gallery Maeght, who also later published many of his pieces.

His works are all deliberately non-representational, including his photography and they are characterised by a simplicity referencing primitive art, though he thought of this simplicity as a way of imbuing a sense of innocence which would in turn reflect the beauty of the world.

He died in France in 1985.

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