Giacometti, Alberto

Alberto Giacometti was born in Switzerland in 1901 and his father was a well known impressionist painter. Alberto was therefore born into an artistic environment and became an established sculptor, painter, draftsman and printmaker. He lived and worked mainly in Paris where he experimented in Cubism and Surrealism. Philosophical questions about the human condition and existentialism also played a part in influencing his work.

Giacometti was one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century. Many of his sculptures were of Isabel Rawsthorne, also an artist, who was later painted by Francis Bacon. His sculptural style was unique. Sculptural forms were elongated and very thin, and it was said of him that is he decided to make a sculpture of you, he would make your head “look like the blade of a knife”

Later in life he turned away from Surrealism and turned instead to a more figurative style of composition. His work became very popular and many important exhibitions were held around the world of his art. He was working hard up to the time of his death in 1965 of heart disease.