Miro, Joan

Miro was a Spanish painter, sculptor and ceramicist born in

international acclaim, his work has been interpreted as Surrealism
but with a personal style, sometimes also veering into Fauvism and
Expressionism. He was notable for his interest in the unconscious or
the subconscious mind, reflected in his works. 

initially went to business school as well as art school but soon
abandoned the business world completely for art. His early art, was
inspired by van Gogh and Paul but later he developed a more
individual style of painting and certain nationalistic qualities.
Eventually joining the Surrealist movement, he did not abandon form
entirely and later returned to a more representational form of

developed a close relationship with Fernand Mourlot (Paris) and that
resulted in the production of over one thousand different
lithographic editions of his works and many original lithographs.

died in 1983 leaving behind a large body of works which have remained
influential to artists to the present day.

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