Rebeyrolle, Paul

Paul Reyberolle was a French painter born in 1926. He spent his childhood in the countryside where he learned to appreciate nature and the simple life. After a brief period in Paris he moved back to more rural settings. He always wanted to be a painter but had to work in order to live, so painting was done in his spare time. His work was sufficiently competent to be included in a number of large art shows. The turning point in his “art” career came when he first encountered the works of Soutine.

Reyberolle was fortunate to meet Braque, Picasso, and most of the artists who would later become leading artistic figures and in 1951 he was able to open his first one-man show in 1951 in Paris. He showed a series of paintings done in a classical style. 

During the decade, he received a number of distinguished awards, while was raging the war between figurative and abstract artists. There was a new freedom in his representations and his style went quickly from representative to abstract.  

For a time, he went almost completely abstract, then he found his own point of equilibrium between the reality of the world he saw and his own inner world.

He died in 2005.

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