Artigas Josep Llorens

Josep Llorens Artigas was born  in Barcelona in 1892. He was a Spanish ceramic artist known for his collaboration with Joan Miró. He is credited with relaunching ceramics as a European art form.

In 1944 he began working with Joan Miro on their long productive collaboration on ceramic vases and their ceramic works were signed by both artists. Artigas's firing techniques reproduced the slow firing process and wood-burning kilns of the ancient Greeks. According to Artigas, the fire, smoke, and earthen clay preserved the elemental integrity of the ceramics, which Miró named terres de grand feu (firestones) for their joint 1956 exhibition at the Pierre Matisse Gallery in New York.

In 1957 Artigas and Miró accepted their first ceramic mural commission for the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, which won them the Guggenheim International Award the following year. Artigas continued to work with Miró through the 1970s until his health deteriorated. He died in 1980.

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