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Original limited edition lithograph by Graham Lothian
Edition number 842/1000
Published by Spiers & Rolfe, 1995

Signed in pencil by the artist, Graham Lothian and the following German fighter Aces: Gunther Rall, Walter Krupinski, Peter Duttmann and Walter Wolfrum

Depicting ME109s flying over the Russian Front, the background is the enormous panorama of the Russian Steppe. The enormity of the battlefield on the Eastern Front was staggering in its vastness, stretching, as it did, nearly two thousand miles from frozen wastelands of the Arctic in the north, to the Black Sea in the south. Over this hostile, formidable territory fighter pilots of the Luftwaffe flew more combat missions and shot down more enemy aircraft during World War Two than any other group of fighter pilots in the entire history of aerial combat.

Image size: 78 x 40cm
Mounted size: 100 x 70cm

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Original limited edition lithograph by Robert Taylor
Print number 201/600
Published by The Military Gallery, 2005

Signed in pencil by the artist, Robert Taylor and two highly regarded aircrew who flew combat with distinction during World War II.

Lieutenant Colonel CLYDE B. EAST
Flight Lietenant LEONARD L. SPIVEY

P-51 Mustangs of the 20th Fighter Group provide close support for "Bit-O-Lace", the B-17 having sustained severe flak damage over Kiel, Germany on 4 April 1945.
Known to the bombers as "Little Friends," the escort fighters added massively to the effectiveness of the USAAF bombing operations, and were much loved by their crews.

Image size: 59 x 38cm
Mounted size: 79 x 58cm

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Original Llimited edition print by Robert Taylor
Ltd No. 637/850
Signed by the artist and Air Marshall Sir Arthur Travers Harris, "Bomber Harris", GCB, OBE, AFC (1892-1984)
Published by The Military Gallery, Bath, 1982

Mounted in white
Image size: 61 x 44cm
Mount size: 80 x 63cm

"Bomber Harris" was Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief (AOC-in-C) of RAF Bomber Command at the height of the Anglo-American strategic bombing campaign against Nazi Germany in the Second World War. In 1942, the British Cabinet agreed to the "area bombing" of German cities. Harris was given the task of implementing Churchills policy and supported the development of tactics and technology to perform the task more effectively. Harris assisted British Chief of the Air Staff Marshal of the Royal Air Force Charles Portal in carrying out the UKs most devastating attacks against the Germany.

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Original first edition print by Robert Taylor
Signed Group Captain Leonard Cheshire ( VC, OM, DSO, DFC)
Published by The Military Gallery, Bath, 1979

Mounted in white with blue slip
Image size: 46 x 32cm
Mount size: 69 x 55cm

Among the honours Cheshire received as a pilot was the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. He was the youngest group captain in the RAF and one of the most highly decorated pilots of the war.

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Robert Taylor
Original antique limited edition lithograph by Robert Taylor
Limited edition number 89/250
Signed in lower margin by the artist and the following two Fleet Air Arm pilots

Commander Mike Crosley, DSC
Lieutenant Commander Peter Meadway

Commander Mike Crosley, DSC, flew Hurricanes in the defense of Malta, the invasion of North Africa, the D-Day invasion, and the Far East.
Lieutenant Commander Peter Meadway, flew Royal Navy Swordfish during the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck

In "Preparing for Action", Robert Taylor gives us a rare glimpse into a little-known area of flight operations; East Africa. Royal Navy Hurricanes of Fleet Air Arm Squadron 877 were based at Port Reitz, Mombassa, Kenya for anti-submarine patrols in the Indian Ocean. Here, a Sea Hurricane, equipped with tailhook, tropical dust filter, and underwing depth charges readies for a mission.

Double mounted and framed in gilt

Image size: 36 x 24cm
Framed size: 53 x 44cm

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