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Original limited edition Douglas Bader tribute print
Limited to 600 copies
Published by The Military Gallery, Bath, 1981

On July 11th, 1940, in terrible conditions, Douglas Bader climbed into thick, turbulent cloud where he spotted a Dornier 17. Hauling his Hurricane around, he brought his guns to bear, managing several bursts before the enemy bomber disappeared into the murk. It was not until Bader landed that he learned the Dornier had crashed into the sea off Cromer. It was 242 Squadrons first victory of the war and the First of Many achieved by the squadron and its mercurial commander.

Image size: 53 x 38cm
Mounted size: 71 x 56cm

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Original limited edition lithograph by Frank Wooton
Limited No. 265/850
Published 1983
Signed and numbered by the artist

September 15, 1940: On the historic day when the battle is won, the air over east London becomes one colossal Battlefield.

Mounted in white

Image size: 67 x 50cm
Mounted size: 88 x 75cm

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Original signed limited edition lithograph by Robert Taylor
Limited No. 750/990
Published by the Military Gallery, 1985
Signed by the artist and Group Captain Brian Kingscome

Brian Kingcome is seen leading the Spitfires of 92 Squadron in a diving attack into a force of HeIIIs over the city of London during the height of the Battle of Britain. Brian Kingcome flew Spitfires operationally virtually without break for the duration of the war and finished a highly decorated Ace with 8 and 3 shared victories to his credit.

Mounted in white

Image size: 53 x 39cm
Mounted size: 72 x 57cm

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Original limited edition lithograph by Frank Wooton
Limited Edition No. 144/850
Published by R. Lucraft Ltd, 1993

Published for 617 squadron to mark the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the Squadron on March 24th 1943. The print shows the attack on the Mohne Dam on the night of May 16th/17th 1943 with Gibson in AJ-G and Martin in AJ-P circling either ends of the dam at the moment the breach was first seen

Signed by the artist , Frank Wootton and 6 Dambusters Air Crew :

Jim Clay DFC AJ-W
Basil Feneron AJ-F
Dudley Heal DFM AJ-F
Edward C Johnson DFC AJ-N
David J Shannon DSO DFC AJ-L
George Chalmers DFC DFM AJ-O

The print is also signed by Wing Commander Jonathan Dickinson Officer Commanding 617 Squadron May 1993.

Image size: 59 x 48cm
Mounted size: 78 x 68cm

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Original limited edition lithograph by Graham Lothian
Edition number 842/1000
Published by Spiers & Rolfe, 1995

Signed in pencil by the artist, Graham Lothian and the following German fighter Aces: Gunther Rall, Walter Krupinski, Peter Duttmann and Walter Wolfrum

Depicting ME109s flying over the Russian Front, the background is the enormous panorama of the Russian Steppe. The enormity of the battlefield on the Eastern Front was staggering in its vastness, stretching, as it did, nearly two thousand miles from frozen wastelands of the Arctic in the north, to the Black Sea in the south. Over this hostile, formidable territory fighter pilots of the Luftwaffe flew more combat missions and shot down more enemy aircraft during World War Two than any other group of fighter pilots in the entire history of aerial combat.

Image size: 78 x 40cm
Mounted size: 100 x 70cm

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