Sennex; John (1678 – 1740). A New map of Ireland. Original hand coloured antique map. Published for “A General Atlas”1721, The title is intricately illustrated with a symbolic cartouche referencing the natural environment , peoples and culture

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Image size: 58 x 49cm
Published by: John Senex, (1678-1740 )

    John Sennex career began as an engraver, apprenticed to bookseller, Robert Clavell. Focusing his talents on cartographic works he engraved maps and astronomical charts. In 1710 he obtained premises in Fleet street where he sold his works from a shop.

    His principle interest in astronomy led to him collaborating with notable astronomers, including Sir Edmund Halley. Together they published a number of important astronomical charts, including the path of Halley's comet.

    In 1728 Halley nominated Sennex into, and was accepted by the Royal Society.

    Following his death in 1740 his widow continued running the business until 1755

    Map size: 58 x 49cm

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