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North America - Sheet VIII - Ohio, with parts of Kentucky and Virginia - Original Hand Coloured Antique Map. Engraved By J.C Walker. Published By SDUK, 1833 The Society Of The Diffusion Of Useful Knowledge Was Founded By Lord Brougham To Further ...

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Original hand coloured antique map. Engraved by J and C Walker. Published by SDUK, 1833

The Society of The Diffusion of Useful Knowledge was founded by Lord Brougham to further the education of the lower and middle classes.

The publication was not originally successful and was wound up in 1848. However the rights were acquired by a succession of publishers who modified the plates with latter editions.

Cradock and Baldwin 1829 – 1832 (This edition)

Chapman and Hall 1844

C. Knight 1844 – 1852

G. Cox 1852 - 1853

Edward Stanford 1857 – 1874

Lord Brougham, an advocate of liberal policies, including the abolition of the slave trade.

Establishing University College, London. .

Lord High Chancellor 1830 -34

Passing the reform act, 1832