John Rocque - A Plan Of The City Of London And Westminster, And Borough Of Southwark, in 24 sheets.

John Rocque's great work, An Exact Survey of London began in 1737. The project was partly funded by John Pine and William Hogarth. Pine and other assistants also helped with the survey. 

Every street had to be covered on foot and was measured with a Waywiser. A wheel 8ft,3 inches in diameter - 640 revolutions to the mile. A theodolite was used to measure angles from street corners and between them they surveyed over 10,000 acres. The project took took nine years to complete but because of the rapid growth of the city a point was reached where they had to publish. 

 The full map, 13 feet x 6.5 feet was put on display at John Rocque's print shop at Hyde Park Corner. It was decided to publish the map in 24 sheets. The first sheets being released as the plates were completed in 1744.