Jamaica - , Original Antique Map, 1851. Published By John Tallis. With Original Hand-Colour. A Decorative And Detailed Mid 19th Century Map Which Was Drawn And Engraved By J. Rapkin . With Vignette Engraved Illustrations....

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Image size: 32 x 25 cm
Published by: Tallis, 1851

Original coloured antique map.

Published by John Tallis, 1851

Includes descriptive text

A decorative and detailed mid 19th century map which was drawn and engraved by J. Rapkin with vignette engravings by H Winkles & W. Lacy and published for John Tallis's Illustrated Atlas(London & New York: John Tallis & co, c.1851). The Illustrated Atlas, published in 1851, was the last decorative world atlas.

John Tallis( 1817 - 1876) was an English cartographic publisher. His company, John Tallis & Company, published views, maps and atlases in 1838 to 1851.

Tallis set up as a publisher with Frederick Tallis in Cripplgate in 1842. The business moved to Smithfield in 1846, and was dissolved in 1849. From 1851 to 1854 Tallis operated as John Tallis & Company.

Image size: 32 x 25 cm