Eagles over the steppe

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Image size: 78 x 40 cm
Published by: Spiers & Rolfe, 1995
    Description: Original limited edition lithograph by Graham Lothian
    Edition number 842/1000
    Published by Spiers & Rolfe, 1995

    Signed in pencil by the artist, Graham Lothian and the following German fighter Aces: Gunther Rall, Walter Krupinski, Peter Duttmann and Walter Wolfrum

    Depicting ME109s flying over the Russian Front, the background is the enormous panorama of the Russian Steppe. The enormity of the battlefield on the Eastern Front was staggering in its vastness, stretching, as it did, nearly two thousand miles from frozen wastelands of the Arctic in the north, to the Black Sea in the south. Over this hostile, formidable territory fighter pilots of the Luftwaffe flew more combat missions and shot down more enemy aircraft during World War Two than any other group of fighter pilots in the entire history of aerial combat.

    Image size: 78 x 40cm

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