Claire Leighton

Clare Leighton was an English/American artist, writer and illustrator, best known for her wood engravings. Born in London in 1898, she trained at the Slade School of Fine Art and during the late 1920s and 1930s, she visited the United States on a number of lecture tours. She finally emigrated to the USA in 1939, and died there in1989.

In her long and prolific career, she wrote and illustrated numerous books praising the virtues of the countryside and portraying the rural men and women who worked the land. Later she also created designs for Steuben Glass, Wedgwood plates, several stained glass windows for churches in New England and for the windows of Worcester Cathedral, Massachusetts (USA).

One of the best known of Leighton’s books are The Farmer’s Year (1933) a calendar of English husbandry, beautifully illustrated with her characteristic woodcuts.

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